Afghan Cement

About Afghan Cement and Afghan Coal LLC:

Afghan Cement and Afghan Coal Companies

Main objective of this consortium is to make contribution toward the development of infrastructure projects in order to resurrect the Afghan economy after 30 years of turmoil. Afghan Cement LLC is formed by a group of highly successful and established Afghans with a solid base in… Read More..

Ghori Cement Factories

The Ghori site was originally developed for cement production in 1959 by the Afghan Government. It is currently home to two cement plants, Ghori I and Ghori II. The plants are located side-by-side, 200km north of Kabul in the Pol-e-Khomri District, Baghlan Province.

The Ghori… Read More..


Afghan Coal Comany is developing and operating four coal mines namely Karkar, Dudkash, Ahandara and Khurdara near the existing cement factories at Pol-e-Khomri under the privatization initiative of the government in April 2007. The output shall primarily cater to the needs of the existing and… Read More..


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